How to order

There are three ways in which you can place an order.
1. Via email:
2. My facebook business page: @LushGlasses
3. Instagram: lush_glasses

For ease you can copy and paste the order form below into your email/ social media chat client
1. Glass type:
2. Attach a minimum of two clear pictures of the person I am to paint
3. Name and/or message to be added
4. Hair colour and style if different than their pictures:
5. Eye colour:
6. Style of clothing ( e.g skinny or regular cut jeans)
7. Colour of clothing:
8. Style of footwear (e.g heels/trainers/boots)
9. Colour of footwear:
10. Three small items personal to the recipient you would like adding (e.g. wine glass / mobile phone / football). Does not include extra people; additional people can be painted if space is permitting at an additional cost.
Item 1.
Item 2.
Item 3.
11 . If ordering stemmed glasswear, would you like the stem and base painted or glittered for an additional charge of £1.00?
Paint colour:
Glitter colour:

Please note: Unless otherwise stated pictures may be posted onto this page and my social media business pages.